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"Curiosity, scale and site: architecture, history and the audience are what drive my work. I respond with painting & sculpture in materials best suited to interpret the meaning of a place. I am a visual historian." -Stephanie Taylor
Stephanie Taylor's current art

Current Projects

  • Keyholes Of Tuscany, New Launch

    Preview Keyholes of Tuscany Buy the book on AmazonIn three days, an updated version of my first book will be available on Amazon. This is the first of a number of book projects I've been working on. Some will be available soon, and several of the more complex projects, later. This book is a perfect gift for lovers of all things Italy. Com...

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An image of Stephanie Taylor's watercolor painting and a close-up of some of her art tools including watercolors, ink pens and pencils

Water & Landscape

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California Sketches

California Sketches

Explorations of contemporary California issues as an Op-ed contributor to Forum in the Sacramento Bee. Click here for a list of articles.- Read More